Mayo Fertilizer Inc dba Mayo Ag Services is an authorized dealer for John Deere Financial and AgriSpan to provide a service for our customers desiring extended terms on product purchases by assisting farmers to obtain loans through either or both lenders. Contact us to discuss your input financing options as well as obtain a credit application.

Open charge accounts with a Credit Limit are available through Mayo Fertilizer Inc by providing an Application for Credit with satisfactory financial information, banking and trade references. The internal Credit Limit amount is at the sole discretion of Mayo Fertilizer Inc and can be changed or eliminated without notice.

Customers needing or desiring extended terms longer than 30 days will be encouraged to apply for a loan with one of our Approved Lenders. For accounts where the third party financing may not be an option consideration will be given for carrying these accounts in-house with extended terms. Extended terms are anything longer than 30 days up to and including full crop terms. Extended in-house terms will require at the very least a properly completed and signed MFI Credit Application and possible a current financial statement. 

All new credit accounts will require the completion of an Application for Credit by the primary entity which will be liable on the account as well as at least one principal owner of the entity individually.

Any delinquent account can be changed to COD status.  To be removed from COD status the account must be current and a new Application for Credit and evaluation maybe required.

The Credit Department is located at our Lake City office.  We can be reached at (386) 752-3155 or by email or

See Mayo Fertilizer Inc Application for Credit on the site. Please print, complete, sign and return to our Lake City location. Also for your convenience there is a digital version of the application for credit. 

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